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    Xiamen yukon zhe group co., LTD., headquartered in xiamen, after nearly ten years of innovation and change, xiamen yukon zhe group co., LTD. Has developed into a registered capital of pure million ten thousand thousand ten thousand usd ten thousand of diversified comprehensive group company, main business covers the financial investment, industrial investment, the entire supply chain operation, and many other fields, for ten consecutive years in xiamen import and export enterprises, enterprises in xiamen, of private foreign trade enterprises in China in 2005, into the enterprise of fujian province in 2006, 2007, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 annual average won the top 500 enterprises of China's service industry. Xiamen yukon zhe group co., LTD., adhering to the "prudent management, reputation first, to give back to society" business philosophy, to "careful management, marketing, risk control" business policy for the company, in the future will be to expand the existing core industry investment, moderate enhancement based on emerging industrial investment, at the same time explore areas such as investment, financial trust investment income and the core brand of the synchronous ascension.




    Xiamen Yuzhe Group Co., Ltd. was founded in April 1999, is now a registered capital of RMB 1000 Qiyiba split baiyi. Diversified Integrated Company, mainly engaged in the business of minerals, real estate development, financial investment and other fields. Xiamen Yu Zhe Group Co., Ltd. adhering to the "sound business, reputation first, giving back to the community" business philosophy, with "flexible management, rapid marketing, control risk" as the business policy.

    The harvest season is busy with yarn.
    The harvest season is busy with yarn.

    October 11th -13, the annual autumn yarn Fair held in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition center. Autumn yarn exhibition coincides with the "golden nine silver ten", but also attract more customers and audiences, and show the colored yarn, the elite enterprise is the opportunity to become the venue display skills to the full, the magnificent stage of fashion.